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Thank you to all our Adoptive Families who have taken the time to write us with your kind words & for sharing your darling photos of your precious   Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu baby!  



 She is sooooo smart Patty, like "unbelievably, very impressed smart."
She has not messed up in the house once! - not 1 time!!!!!
Everytime I take her outside, she uses the bathroom & when inside -she goes in her play pen to pee & goes to her bed on her own when she's tired.
She never cries at night-she has adjusted so well - like we've always had her.
 She was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!
We adore & love her to pieces. If I knew she was this smart I would've paid double for her, lol
She is the cutest thing ever!! She looks like a little teddy bear/ ewok!! 

Bridget~ Jackson, TN



 Perfection is what we got from Patty Lieburn at Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu! Our little Blessing is exactly all that Patty said she would be...incredibly smart, gorgeous, loveable, cute personality, precious, and adorable. Patty was very kind and patient with my zillions of questions asked over months as we’ve never had a little bitty before. The information she provides to all of her puppy parents is incredibly helpful and detailed. Every detail of Blessing’s arrival with her Puppy Nanny at the airport in Denver was worked out ahead of time and went as smooth as clockwork. Should we ever want another, Patty is the ONLY person we’d ever turn to. Blessing is truly a blessing to my family and we will forever be thankful to Patty.

Lois~  Rifle, CO


 I absolutely adore the little guy I adopted from Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu! He has the Sweetest, Most Kind, & Happy personality ever, never missed a beat and was licking our faces the minute we saw him!! They adore him at the vet, he is so well mannered & is always concerned about everyone (he's a watcher) haha. Just loves the little puppies...a little mommy in a boy doggy package LOL . was everything Patty had said he would be and more! Patty was awesome to work with, always getting back to me promptly & so organized with tons of information, answering any and all questions or concerns I had.  

Thanks Bunches Patty!!!!  Susan~ SLC,UT
I would HIGHLY recommend Patty for all your puppy obsession needs!!! :)))

We adopted a puppy from Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu and by the time our puppy Zuzu arrived we felt that we already knew her from the abundance of photos that Patty sent us from the day she was born.  She came to us with a care package and was the picture of health!  Patty has continued to offer support and my healthy puppy is such a wonderful addition to our family.  I will definitely adopt another Shih Tzu puppy from Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu my puppy is so socialized and happy the transition to her new home was flawless.  Thank you Patty!!

Jenny~ Grand Junction, CO

We love our baby girl shih-tzu. She is so smart and fun. She goes on the piddle pad consistently and already comes when I call her. We named her Smudge and is the sweetest puppy ever. Patty gave me the privilege of coming to her home and seeing her puppies and adult dogs. OMG!! These dogs are raised and nurtured in such a wonderful environment. Lucky dogs! Lucky me!!!

Everyone who sees Smudge wants one too.
Thank you Patty!!!!

Deb~ Marinette, WI
Patty my family and I cannot thank you enough for little Miss Coco Chanel Patty LaBelle!   We call her Coco Chanel Belle for short and she certainly lives up to her name.   The experience of getting my precious baby has been a joy because of you!   All the information you shared with your puppy parents certainly helped me to prepare and you were always available to answer my questions and concerns.  I'm so glad my sister and I had the chance to meet you in person!   We've talked so much back and forth it was like meeting and old friend.   When I saw Coco it was pure love at first sight!   She was everything I dreamed of and more.  She has such a big personality and keeps us amused with her funny antics.   I'm looking forward to watching her grow and she is the talk of the town wherever we go!

Thanks Patty for this little miracle.   I am very happy with my decision to come to you for my new furry family member and highly recommend Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu to anyone who desires  to have a beautiful little four legged bundle of joy!!

Cassandra~ Atlanta,GA

Our experience with Patty at Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu has been everything you would want in a breeder! First and foremost, it's very evident that she loves her puppies. We had the opportunity to visit her and her family at their home and see first hand the very warm and caring environment in which they are raised.

Patty also takes the time to really ensure they will go to a good home. Second, she is an expert on the Shih Tzu breed and how to best raise them, and is always more than willing to share her knowledge. Finally, she was very good at communicating with us throughout the process. We had quite a few questions along the way and she was always prompt and thorough in her responses.

And of course we love our beautiful little Olive! She's a healthy and happy puppy that quickly captured our hearts.

John and Jan~ Bartlett,IL


I can't thank Patty at Iron Butterfly Shih Tzu enough for my tiny baby girl Lila! She is absolutely perfect in every way!  She looks just like a little stuffed toy /ewok. She has the most gorgeous color coat and her nose is crazy tiny! On top of all her cuteness she is such a smart, sweet puppy!

Being a first time pet owner, Patty was so great to work with. She always got back to me right away with any questions and provided me with a ton of information to better prepare me for Lila. Even months after having my baby I still contact Patty with questions. She always responds right away and is so helpful! Thank you Patty!!!

Hailee~ Palisades, CA 


Words cannot even describe how much we love our little girl :)

Flower arrived at a time when we didn't think our lives could get any better, and boy it did!  We don't even know what life was like before we got our little girl from Patty at Iron Butterfly.  This is our second Imperial Shih Tzu, but first from Iron Butterfly.  The difference in health, personality and overall communication with the breeder is night and day.  We have the most healthy, playful and adorable little girl that brings so much happiness to us every day.  She is full of energy, spunk and is fearless, but knows who her parents are and where her home is :)  I would NEVER go anywhere else for a puppy, and we are so thankful that Patty trusted us to be great Canadian moms, going out of her way to make the nanny delivery process seamless. The only downfall is that we cannot go anywhere with our friendly little girl without everyone stopping to love her.  She is just about 8 months old and the paparazzi seems to be getting worse!  Everyone at the veterinary clinic kisses her upon arrival and no one ever wants to let her go.  We are so blessed that she is ours!  Thank you Patty!

Katie and Lynne~ Canada






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